Batman Nude (No, I’m Not Kidding)

Warning: Some Adult Content

Okay, so DC has published its first issue of Batman Damned under its DC Black Label imprint, and boy is it adult. You actually get to see Bruce Wayne nude, not just from the back but the front. I’m posting an image below as proof, plus I archived two news sources just in case they get “poofed” for their content later on. Actually, that didn’t work, because the archived version doesn’t display the “adult” images.

Here’s a milder version at my archived version of the Popbuzz story, and the non-archived Screenrant missive.

Now here’s the image I captured.


Screenshot from the Screenrant website

Yeah, it’s in deep shadow, but it’s there. So, we need Batman pr0n because?

I’ve already written about how comic books have gone crazy and two articles about the hashtagged #comicsgate controversy HERE and HERE.

Maybe I’m just getting old. After all, these graphic novels are intended for adult audiences, not children. On the other hand, regardless of the justifications offered by DC and others, it seems clear that the images were included not because they further the plot or contribute to the story, but because they are controversial and will (in all likelihood) generate revenue, not unlike how Nike has used Colin Kaepernick to pep up their profits.

“Without God, everything is permitted.” -Dostoyevsky

12 thoughts on “Batman Nude (No, I’m Not Kidding)

    • Yeah. Even for adult oriented comic books depicting major heroic characters (besides underground comics which have been doing this sort of thing for decades), it’s over the top. It would be like doing a nude of Lois Lane or Wonder Woman.

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  1. I appreciated the Dostoyevsky quote. I’d also say this Batman situation is better than straight-up “pron.” I’m a little comfiused, as you have written some pornographic stories.


    • It’s not like there haven’t been underground comics that depicted sexual situations and nudity for decades, but Batman is a major superhero and even in an adult oriented comic, which allows for more graphic content, showing Batman’s penis was a little over the top. If I, or anyone, have written about adult themes, it was because the story called for it. In this case, I can’t see what depicting Batman’s “junk” added to their story.


      • Batman certainly is a major superhero. I’ve seen movies and some of the television show (and cartoons on tv). I haven’t looked at any comic books. I know my dad liked comic books into high school, but that was it. He didn’t even care about the new marvel or dc movies (other than iron man), but he liked the Dark Knight.


    • I’ve heard of John Wick, but that’s about it. Yesterday, my “game” with my grandson included some Marvel characters, but he relates to them based on the movies, and I on the old comic books from the 1960s through 1980s. I have to look a few things up on the web for clarification.


  2. Adults should be able to see a penis without being grossed out about it. It does not offend me. I see it as a bit of honesty that nude is nude. He definitely is exposed for whatever comes next inthe story line.


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