“The Toilet Zone” is Available Now

I know that sounds terrible, but my short story “Retired” is featured in the Hellbound Books horror anthology The Toilet Bowl, a fanciful send up on “The Twilight Zone.” It’s already got one 5-star review on the American Amazon site. Things are looking up. Please buy, read, and review. Thanks.

EDIT: That’s “Zone” not “Bowl.” My bad.


Artwork for the Hellbound Books anthology “The Toilet Zone”

7 thoughts on ““The Toilet Zone” is Available Now

  1. I think scribesshade was referring to the fact that the book in your picture is titled “The Toilet ZONE,” but your article talks about a book titled “The Toilet BOWL.” I was a little confused as well, but I’m assuming you’re asking people to buy the book in the picture with “Zone” in the title and not one called “The Toilet Bowl.”


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