The Nature of Social Media in a Nutshell


Meme found on Facebook

I was checking on Facebook this evening and, alas, was inspired to end the work week with a bit of snark. This really is the nature of social media, and especially (but not exclusively) twitter. It’s also the nature of blogging and fandom.

Over the past year and a month or two, my investigation into “science fiction fandom” (as opposed to science fiction) seems to indicate something pretty similar to what you see above. The same as when you comment on twitter, and for that matter, blog in general, Facebook, Instagram, whatever.

Over the years, as a blogger, I’ve tried my best to welcome opposing points of view on whatever the topic at hand happened to be. I did ask that people be reasonably civil and not personalize conflict, but even then, it wasn’t easy. None of that, of course, meant that I had to change my mind just because someone disagreed with my viewpoint. And yet, people continue to try based on the image above.

Our increasingly contentious and polarized culture seems to require that there be only one point of view, the point of view of whoever is speaking or keyboarding at any given moment.

Good luck with that. Have a good weekend.

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