TREASURE CHEST: Selected Short Stories is Available Now!


Promotional image for the Zombie Pirate Publishing anthology “Treasure Chest.”

Treasure Chest is Zombie Pirate Publishing‘s first “best of” anthology, a collection of short stories they’ve previously published in other works.

Founded in 2017, Adam Bennett and Sam Phillips have produced a plethora of anthologies, giving indie authors like me, the opportunity to have our tales see the light of day and become available to readers.

My short story Joey, originally published in the SciFi anthology World War Four (please readers, post more reviews), is featured in the “Treasure Chest.” It’s one of my strongest missives emotionally, and I’m glad it was selected.

Treasure Chest has been available since December 1, 2019, so if you want to read the best of ZPP to see if you want to dive down for more “treasure,” then this one’s for you.

6 thoughts on “TREASURE CHEST: Selected Short Stories is Available Now!

  1. Hey, James. What do you know about “unlimited”?

    I got someone to tell me how much he pays per month. I couldn’t find the price easily on the website without already having an account (I used to be a prime member but got fed up about something); I know it’s a separate fee. The person who has it, who I know, doesn’t think it includes audible books. But they’re advertised as part of the deal. [I know I once tried to buy an audible membership deal that vanished after I clicked on the proffering, so it’s possible one won’t get what one thinks one will.]

    But now I’m also wondering about this:


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