“Dark Valentine” #1 New Release in Horror Anthologies

number 1

Screenshot from Amazon.com

When I saw the image being promoted on Facebook by Eleanor Merry, I had to check it out, and it’s true. “Dark Valentine Holiday Horror Collection” is a #1 New Release in Horror Anthologies (as of this writing). That’s pretty amazing, but then again, Valentine’s Day was just last Friday, and no doubt horror fans in love would have thought this was a pretty cool present (as opposed to flowers and candy).

Scrolling down, I saw that it was rated:

  • #59 in Horror Anthologies (Kindle Store)
  • #40 in Horror Anthologies (Books)
  • #85 in Horror Short Stories

That’s pretty good.

Reviews are somewhat mixed (there are only two of them on the U.S. Amazon site). One is 5 stars, and obviously written by “huge fan of horror anthologies.” The other was three stars, which was based on what they saw as a mix of quality among the many, many tales contained therein.

Alas, among those authors named, I was not one of them. Always a bridesmaid…

Features three of my microfiction horror stories: “Reaper,” “Playtime,” and “New Heart.”

4 thoughts on ““Dark Valentine” #1 New Release in Horror Anthologies

  1. Congrats! on the publishing. I need to get back to it. Oh, and you cost me $27 as your other post on SF anthologies prompted me to buy 2: the one you talked about and another mentioned on the Amazon page. lol


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