Spring Into SciFi 2020 Reviewed!


Cover at for “Spring Into SciFi 2020”

Spring Into SciFi: 2020 Edition just got its first review, but not on Amazon. Cheyanne A. Lepka reviewed the anthology on her personal blog five days ago (as I write this), giving it a four out of five star (which is pretty good).

Read the full review HERE.

The review calls out four of the contributing authors: Gary Wosk, Charles Venable, Elizabeth Houseman, and James Pyles (me).

She also included links to all the author bios on the “Cloaked Press” website. Here’s what mine looks like.

Here’s a relevant excerpt:

“The Colonists” by James Pyles was a story I didn’t expect to love, or even enjoy, to be frank. I’m Indigenous, and the constant elephant in the room for me in science fiction is colonization. But, as I kept reading, the story grew on me, and I definitely got into it. I appreciated the attempt to turn expectations on their head, and the recognition of a tense reality of any attempt to colonize another planet. And of course, that conclusion that hinted at coming conflict. Well done.

Thanks, Cheyanne. This emerging, indie author appreciates your words.

Still time for you (any of you) to get in on an advanced release of the book (epub and mobi formats). Ping be before the end of day (whenever that is in your timezone) on Sunday, April 5th, give me your email address and preferred digital format, and a review copy of the anthology is yours.

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