Interviewed by Starry Eyed Press for “The Fallen Shall Rise:” A 224-Verse Novella

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As part of the promotion for my latest SciFi novella The Fallen Shall Rise, I was interviewed by the publisher Starry Eyed Press. My story takes place in their shared 224-Verse, which includes millions of spacefaring civilizations in the Andromeda galaxy.

The interview begins…

James Pyles is the latest author to join the incredibly rich fray of the 224-Verse with a piece entitled “The Fallen Shall Rise”.



In it, an archeologist from a backwater system seeks to discover what caused an entire ancient civilization to collapse some three thousand years prior. With surprising cooperation from his despotic government, he is sent via an ancient spacecraft through an interstellar gateway found in the distant regions of space. But is he the key to discovering the truth about the past, or a pawn in an even more dangerous present?

We recently sat down with the man behind the story to dig deeper into what brought the piece to life.

James, tell us more about yourself, your life and your writing career.

You can read the entire interview and learn more about the 224-verse and other books in the series at Starry Eyed Press.

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