One 4 and one 5 star rating for “The Fallen Shall Rise” on Amazon

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The Fallen Shall Rise, my latest SciFi novella published by Starry Eyed Press as part of the 224-verse series has only been available for a week. It already has two Amazon ratings, one 4-star and one 5-star.

I won’t post the entire review, but it says in part:

I got the feeling of reading snippets of Sgt Mandella in Joe Halermans ‘Forever War’ here…

Being even mildly compared to Joe Haldeman’s classic The Forever War is incredibly high praise, especially since that novel won both a Hugo and a Nebula in 1976 and ’75 respectively.

If you like mysteries, political intrigue, futuristic troopers, and space opera, maybe The Fallen Shall Rise is for you, too.

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