Spring Into SciFi 2022 Comes Out in Two Days!


Cover art for “Spring Into Scifi 2022”

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Wow! That came up fast.

Spring Into Scifi 2022 becomes available on Monday, March 21, 2022. Amazing. I’m so fortunate to have been a contributing member to this anthology series since 2019. My short story “Tiamat Descending” is featured within it’s pages. Here’s a small taste.

The image jumped and there was the howl of the ship’s atmosphere being evacuated. It took Captain Carter less than a minute to die. Elisha watched her lifeless body bob around in her restraints, and then seconds later the recording clicked off.

Rush checked his nav console and saw he and Tiamat were much closer to Luna and Earth than he expected.

“The ship didn’t continue to decelerate. There’s no way in hell it could go into orbit around Luna or Earth now. It’ll get to Earth in just a few months. I can’t do anything in a short-range exploration craft.” He reached for the frequency controls to adjust them to the command channel.

“How are you holding up back there, Leigh?” He hadn’t forgotten about her, but in a crisis, you put out the fires first, and then worry about everything else.

“You can contact your people, but beforehand, we would like to tell you something.”

Rush held his breath and turned his couch to face her. She was sitting in the first row of seats, second from the right. It was Leigh, but of course, it wasn’t anymore.

“When it hit my armor, I thought it had just spilled over onto the deck plates.” Her helmet was off, but the burn holes in the front of her EVA suit told him what had happened. “So, Leigh is gone and I’m next.” He cursed himself for turning and wondered if he could swivel back and blow the airlock before she reached him, share Carter’s fate.

You can pre-order Spring Into Scifi 2022 now for delivery to your Kindle device on Monday the 21st. Don’t miss it.

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