My Novelette “The Fallen Shall Rise” is FREE Starting February 14th

feb freeIf you like my work, buy me a virtual cup of coffee at Ko-Fi.

My SciFi space opera novelette The Fallen Shall Rise is available as a FREE download from Amazon onto your kindle from today, February 14th (a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your science fiction friend or companion) through the end of the week on the 18th.

This book is part of the 224-verse as published by Starry Eyed Press.

It ends somewhat on a “cliffhanger” (well, not exactly), so I’m in the process of finalizing my draft of its sequel and my first novel, currently called “The Second War”, although things are still a bit fluid.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in “Fallen”:

There were a series of revolving, partial rings at different distances from the ship, describing a sort of maw that could swallow a dozen vessels the size of his. The overall effect was that of a multi-layered eye, with waves of sapphire energy pulsing outward from the iris. What looked like electrical arcs leapt from both ends of one half-ring to others. At the center, there was a whirling, shifting mass of energy like an angry demon, so bright at the core that Jepheth could only look at it for a few moments at a time.

At sixty seconds, the rings rotated faster, some clockwise, others counter-clockwise. The vibrations of the jump ship intensified. It was slow enough that he couldn’t feel it, but he was moving because the display of the gate was growing larger. He was going in.

“You can probably see this, Kenan. What an incredible sight. It’s truly amazing. In less than a minute, I’ll have traveled nine lightyears away from my home world.”

The ship shuddered and Jep was surrounded by static electricity. “Feels odd. Every hair is standing on end. I’ve entered the first ring system. I think the ship is being struck by those energy arcs. Must be the interaction with the neutrino collector drive.

“Only twelve seconds. The ship is enveloped in plasma. I’m getting lightheaded. Five seconds. Tell my wife and children I love them very…”


So far, my book has 83% of its reviews in four and five stars, so doing pretty well.

But it needs more help. Download “Fallen” for free onto your kindle sometime between now and Saturday and give it a read. Please support your indie authors and publishers by leaving an honest review on Amazon and goodreads.

Most importantly though, have fun. At the end of the day, that’s what science fiction has really always been about.

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