Debates Still Based on “Feels” Not Facts

Last March, I lamented how climate change advocates seem to present their arguments, at least on social media, using feels, not facts. Okay, it’s not that black and white of course, but if you listen to extremist advocates such as Freshman House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she says we’ve got exactly twelve years to cut the United States’ (never mind the rest of the world) carbon emissions in half before unending doom and gloom.

aoc cartoon

Screen capture from twitter

She even produced a seven minute cartoon to “prove” it.

I just ended yet another “interesting” conversation with a gentleman on twitter expressing my concerns about following a plan that isn’t even half-baked, and after I didn’t roll over and see “reason” since he wasn’t presenting a plan, he basically told me to “f*ck off”. I took a screen capture of the transaction and am presenting it below for reference.

Sorry. Bit of a rant. It’s not like I don’t believe human beings need to do a much, much better job at being stewards of our planet, I just don’t feel like being railroaded into a plan (and having to pay for it whether I agree or not) that has zero practical details and no feasibility based on somebody else’s feelings. To be fair, “foolie” had no hope of convincing anyone based on a series of tweets because you can’t communicate complex scientific datasets in a series of textual “sound bytes.” I was hoping this fellow had a few URLs leading to some hard data that might shine a light on something more practical. Alas, all of his responses were pretty limp as you’ll see below:

green rant

Screen capture from twitter

I’m not a luddite and I do require real-world solutions to real-world problems. “foolie” had an idea of what he thought should happen, but neither twitter nor AOC’s “cartoon” communicate, in any sort of factual detail how that would happen, and yes, how to pay for it.

You can’t wish for the world to change, you have to map out what you are going to do to make changes and then put your hands in the mud and do the actual work. You also have to acknowledge that no people created plan in the history of humanity has been anywhere near 100% efficient, so the Green New Deal cannot promise paradise. You also have to admit that there are lots and lots of variables you have no control over, such as how high carbon producers such as China and India are pumping crap in the air at a far higher rate than the U.S. is. Since “such a deal” addresses neither of these realities, and since none of its advocates seem to even value data let alone present any, I’m having a tough time signing on board and giving them my credit card.

End rant.

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