Read “The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret” for Free

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As I’ve already announced, my latest novelette, “The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret,” a 224-verse book, is now available at Amazon for a mere 99 cents. However, since it’s the first of a new month, and since I’m trying to promote my book and the 224-verse and its books in general, I’m making you an offer. Yes, you.

I will be giving away ARC copies (well not exactly “advance” since the book is already on the market) of “Haunted” to anybody who wants one. All you have to do in exchange is write an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s also cool if you review it on your blog or in social media and such. The ARC copy is in PDF format, so just about any computer will display it. As a bonus, the first two chapters of The Fallen Shall Rise, my first 224-verse book, is at the end of “Haunted”.

Just make a comment on this blog post with your email address or ping me on the blog’s Contact page, and I’ll send you the PDF at the speed of packets traveling across the routed internet.

The story all by itself is about 76 pages long and Amazon categorizes it as a “two-hour read.” So a total freebie for the month of May and two hours or less (or more) of entertainment in your life. Agree to honestly review it and the tale is yours for the asking.

Help support your local indie writers and publishers today. Thanks.

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