First 4-Star Review of “Ginger’s Regret” on Amazon, Plus Read My Story for FREE!

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“The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret” got it’s first four-star review on Amazon. I’m pretty happy with it but any honest review is appreciated.

Remember that for the month of May, I’m offering a free PDF copy of the story for anyone who asks. All I’m asking in return is for the reader to write an honest Amazon and goodreads review (you can copy and paste your Amazon review into goodreads).

Someone on Facebook mentioned this story too and I’m pasting his review below:

Good read James- though I reckon Ginger should have been more Christine, pissed at her new pilot because Obie was the only one for her. IMO -cut the first act to speed it up and be able to get to Ginger quicker. For a short story the start was too slow and the end to quick. More Ginger I say.

Just use the Contact page for this blog to send me your email address or just leave a comment on this blog post if you want to read “Haunting” for free.

Don’t forget to leave a review. Thanks.

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